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How To Find Your Book’s Marketing Message

If you don’t know what the central, golden nugget is in your book, if you haven't distilled it to that one central tenet, you'll fail to find your book's marketing message. Marketing your book becomes easier when you can zoom in on what makes you and your book special.

Pitching your book to agents on Twitter with #PitMad

Finding Literary AgentsOn March 11th, literary agents will be turning to Twitter to find their next author clients. That's right: it's time for another #PitMad, the manuscript pitching party on Twitter where you can tweet in hopes of finding an agent for your book.

Here's how #PitMad works:

Between 8am and 8pm EST, authors can pitch their completed manuscripts two times per hour (per manuscript) in 140 characters or less using the hashtag #PitMad, along with the hashtag abbreviation for their genre (see below for those abbreviations). Literary agents monitor the feed throughout the day and favorite the pitches they like. When an agent favorites your tweet, it’s an invitation to send them your query.

How to Approach Publishing as a Business, Part 2: The Importance of a Book...

The most important reason for writing a book proposal for a nonfiction, fiction and even a children’s book or book of poetry, is for YOU. Here’s what you need to know before launching a book.
writer's conference

Pitching Your Book to an Agent at a Writer’s Conference

How to pitch your book at 90mph: advice for authors meeting face-to-face with agents at a writer's conference.
literary agents

10 Things Literary Agents Don’t Do for Authors

A literary agent will go through thousands of books per year and pick the ones they feel have the greatest chance of success at major and minor publishing houses. Essentially, a literary agent is a salesman whose main product is YOU and your book!


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