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cause and effect chain

Tightening Your Story’s Cause And Effect Chain With “And So”

Checking your cause and effect chain can only help you devise as tight and compelling a plot for your book as possible.
plotter or pantser?

Make Peace With Your Inner Plotter and Pantser

All writers are pantsers when it comes to the finer grain structure of a novel. No one can outline down to the sentence level. All honest plotters will admit that at least some of their best ideas have come during pantsing bouts. You just have to dive in!
method writing

“Method Writing” Can Help You Create Believable Characters, Write What You Don’t Know, And...

By using the emotions that come to the surface with a daily writing regimen, “method writing” will help your writing stay authentic, help you stretch your writer’s wings, and explore aspects of the craft that are way out of your comfort zone.
outline your book

To plan out your book or not to plan out your book…There is no...

My traditional publishing background has helped me create a method to help you plan and outline your book – even if you're a pantser like me.


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