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authors who died in 2020

12 Authors Who Died in 2020

2020 took a heavy toll in so many ways, but the voices of these writers, poets, and authors will never be silent. We take a moment to pay tribute to 12 authors who died in 2020. May their voices continue to sing.
authors who died in 2019

Voices Silenced: 12 Authors Who Died in 2019

It's time, once again, to remember and celebrate some of the authors who made major contributions to literature, poetry, nonfiction, and beyond who passed in 2019.
young authors

It’s Never Too Early To Start Writing

Young authors abound in modern and classic literature. While age brings wisdom and experience, youthful imagination and perspective have served many writers through the ages, as evidenced in this post.
books by authors who died in 2018

Four Must-Read Books By Authors Who Died in 2018

Some bright literary stars died in 2018. I'll remember these writers for their contributions to literature and society, which will continue to have an impact for years to come.
authors who died in 2018

Voices Silenced: 12 Authors Who Died in 2018

Let's pause a moment to pay homage to 12 authors (or folks who otherwise contributed to the written word) who passed in 2018. Of course, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list, so add tributes to those who meant the most to you in the comments section.
Pulitzer Prize

A Pulitzer Prize Primer (and a look at past winners)

The Pulitzer Prize is one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in literature and journalism, and with the 2018 award winners less than a month from being announced, here's some info about the origin of the awards and how winners are chosen.
authors who died in 2017

Voices Silenced: 12 Authors Who Died in 2017

The list of notable authors, writers, publishers, and contributors to the written word who passed last year is far longer than anything we could include in one blog post, but let's take a moment to recognize 12 authors who died in 2017.


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