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Why your book didn't get reviewed

Why your last book didn’t get reviewed

7 reasons the media may've said "no thanks" to reviewing your last book

Did you put your heart and soul (and time and money) into writing and launching your last book project? Did you release it into the world with grand expectations — only to be ignored by the media, critics, and book bloggers?

The Top 6 Articles About Throwing a Successful Book Launch Event

How to Plan a Book Launch PartyPlanning an unforgettable book launch party

A book launch party is a great way to celebrate the publication of your book, thank friends and family who supported you throughout the writing and editing process, create an event that's worthy of media coverage, make deeper connections within your literary community, and sell some books! If you're about to plan a book launch party, a book tour, a reading series, or a signing, check out these 6 articles from the BookBaby Blog: 1. How to Throw a Book Launch Party That Isn’t a Waste of Time 2. The Ultimate Book Signing Checklist for Authors 3. How to Throw a Memorable Book Launch Party
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10 Free (or Mostly Free) Book Launch Strategies

Many new self-published authors think they need to have a book launch with lots of fanfare right after they hit the publish button. Actually, you can “launch” your book in the first few months after its official release date.

Book Launch Tip: Name Refreshments After Characters in Your Novel

An additional way to promote your book launch party — customized culinary treats!
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Booking Your Own Virtual Book Tour

A virtual book tour is a great way to promote your book to an online audience: you make virtual appearances on blogs, websites, and podcasts.

How to Enlist “Interns” for Free: Getting Friends and Family to Help You Promote...

Why would anyone help you promote your book launch for free? Here's how to enlist your friends, family, and fans as "interns" for your book launch.

How to Throw a Memorable Book Launch Party

How to Deliver a Memorable Book ReadingBeyond book launch basics: deliver the goods!

Podium with a working microphone? Check. People in the seats? Check. Books available for purchase? Check. Ok. Let's assume you've taken care of the planning, the booking, the promotion for your book launch party... [—Oh, but if you haven't taken care of those details, check out: So anyway, back to the assumption that you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's regarding your next book launch party (or signing, reading, lecture, etc.) How do you make sure your book launch party has that certain "je ne sais quoi" — that unforgettable something — the intangible X factors that put it over the top in the minds of your audience? How do you make your book reading truly memorable?

1. Magnify your personality —

We're all different. Some of us are confident and charismatic. Some of us are introverted and...


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