Steven Spatz, Chief Marketing Officer for BookBaby reports from the front lines at Book Expo America:

Day One at this year’s BEA event in New York City saw BookBaby participate in U-Pub-U, a pre-show event targeted towards aspiring writers seeking to learn more about the self-publishing phenomena sweeping the publishing world. Over 500 would-be authors attended a day filled with panel discussions and lectures from industry experts around the globe

BookBaby President Brian Felsen participated in the Jump On The Right Side Of Publishing panel, devoted to tips, advice and case studies of self-publishing success stories.

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At Book Expo America, I interviewed the Peabody award-winning journalist and media analyst Brooke Gladstone.  Gladstone hosts NPR’s On the Media and is co-author (with cartoonist  Josh Neufeld) of The Influencing Machine, a book about the relationship of press and society.

To Gladstone, writers need to understand that social media has changed the roles of readers and content creators.

Readers are no longer mere consumers of information, but they now are active participants in its creation and dissemination.  People continually tweet and post information, during newsworthy events, or even while enjoying a work of fiction or a sports game.  And as events unfold, spontaneous communities coalesce around issues, such as when Twitter communities formed spontaneously following the Arab Spring.

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