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What Editing Software Can Teach You About Your Writing

Editing software can't replace a human editor, but if you present him with a well-edited, highly-polished text, an editor will be able to focus on your content and ideas rather than your syntax and word choice.
BookBaby news

BookBaby News: Take Our Author Survey, Learn About BookShop, and Watch A Video Testimonial

BookBaby news alert! Our 2017 survey is asking over 1,000,000 writers to share opinions, experiences, and goals in the self-publishing environment.
BookBaby's editing service

Whatever Your Story, BookBaby’s Book Editing Service Is The Right Fit

These first-time authors agree: Professional editing is a must for every book, and BookBaby's editing service was the right choice.
what kind of writer are you?

We all write differently – what kind of writer are you?

None of us come with manuals, you have to learn by trial and error and grow through experience to discover what kind of writer you are.
book editing

BookBaby Announces World-Class Book Editing At Working-Class Prices

We're pleased to announce the launch of BookBaby Editing services, providing self-published authors access to great book editing at an affordable price.
crutch words

Finding Your Crutch Words

In our April BookBaby Twitter Chat, Heather R. Todd, professional editor, published writer, and marketing consultant from FirstEditing, shared her thoughts on finding your crutch words and editing your manuscript.
manuscript editing

How To Prepare For Manuscript Editing

Follow these guidelines to clarify your expectations for your manuscript editing and they will save your editor a lot of time, frustration, and confusion.


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