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November is OVER: Don’t Forget to Edit Your NaNoWriMo Novels!

It's the last day of NaNoWriMoDid you complete a 50,000-word novel? If not, you've still got until midnight!

But then what?

Well, then it's time to get your book edited by a professional editor, of course. Now BookBaby authors get 17% off any of FirstEditing.com's professional book-editing services. Just click HERE and use coupon code: VIPBB17. 

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1. Your Book Needs Editing, and Here's Why...
Your book needs editing

Your Book Needs Editing, and Here’s Why…

Your manuscript isn't perfect, but don't feel ashamed. Every writer needs an editor. Here are 3 reasons why your book will benefit from professional editing.

How to Edit While You Write: 3 Tips on Balancing Progress with Perfectionism

It's a popular commandment: Thou shalt NOT edit while you write! But rules are made to be broken, right? Some folks spend an enormous amount of time upfront on their "editing" efforts, tweaking each sentence...


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