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Book Launch Blueprint

The Book Launch Blueprint: Build a Framework for Your Writing Platform

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tim Grahl joined our January #BBchat Twitter Chat to discuss how writers can plan their own successful book launch.
book pre-sales

Making The Most Of Print On Demand, Part 2: All You Need To Know...

The longer your book is available for pre-order, the more time you have to send readers to Amazon and the other stores to accumulate orders. All these orders count as sales on your release date, giving you a good chance at cracking some top-100 best seller sub genre lists in sites like Barnes & Noble and Powell’s. Note: this is not the case with Amazon’s best selling list. They count pre-sales orders on the day it’s actually ordered, not all combined on the eventual release date.
book metadata

How selling houses using a roller coaster is a lot like your book metadata.

Yes, you read that first line correctly. No, it’s not a cheesy attempt to get your attention as I write about the incredibly important but often sleep-inducing subject of book metadata. Well, maybe a little. Truth be told, most articles about book metadata are dry as dust. As you probably know, metadata incorporates your book title, description, author bio and all the key selling info needed to distribute a book, onto sales pages at Amazon, iBooks and other online retailers to help readers discover your book.... <<ZZZZZzzzzz>> Let me shake you awake with the real estate roller coaster. Over in the Netherlands, real estate broker Verder met Wonen needed something different to attract the attention of potential home buyers. Instead of the tried-and-true open houses and the like, he took a different route. Literally.

Small Demons and Book Discoverability: mapping textual connections

Imagine if someone took all of the meaningful data from all your favorite books and put it in one place? Well, a new site called Small Demons has made that a reality. Small Demons collects...


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