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Book Critics: The Last Necessary Gatekeepers?

Are Book Critics Obsolete?

Are old-fashioned book critics obsolete or essential?

The following quote is from a recent Creative Penn article called "The Discoverability Challenge: With More Authors Self-Publishing Each Year, How Will Your Book Get Noticed?"
Amazon and other online publishers have made it so simple for authors to self-publish that the number of books hitting the electronic shelves each year has skyrocketed. For example, in 1950, only 11,000 new books were published. Seems like quite a good amount of books, doesn’t it? The year 2011 welcomed an estimated 340,000 new books into the world, according to data company Bowkers. In the days of bookstores, titles were quickly retired to make way for the latest and greatest. With online book retailers like Amazon now the go-to place for literary material, books can stay on electronic shelves indefinitely while each new year brings an ever-increasing tidal wave of newly published selections. Readers have more reading choices than ever, but writers have never faced a more competitive environment or struggled so hard to get their book noticed.

Outlets that will review your independently published books

As possible solutions to this discoverability challenge, the article's author (Jessica Bennett) goes on to mention sites like...
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6 Must-Read Articles About Book Reviews

Whether you write them, read them, or — yes — BUY them, how do you determine the value of a book review?

Garnering Free Reviews for Your eBook

This article was written by guest contributor and BookBaby author Lexis DeRothschild. Nothing makes my day like a great review of my book. Sure, paid critiques are easy to get. But if you’re like me,...


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