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Book marketing tips for self-published authors

Publishing veteran Carl Lennertz discusses the difference between between book marketing and publicity and where self-published authors should spend their money.
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Self-Published Authors: Your Sales Season Is Around The Corner (i.e. After The New Year!)

Think you're missing out on the Christmas rush? Maybe not. Self-published authors stand a better chance of sales in January and February. So get ready!
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Four Mistakes Indie Authors Make With Their Book Description

Think of your book description as the most important sales pitch of your life. Every word must count, every idea must serve to rope readers in. Too often, indie authors fall short and lose readers to a book with better promo copy.
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5 tips for crafting a memorable book description

Jacket copy is never going to be “perfect.” It’ll never capture everything you want readers to know about your book or your achievements as an author. So give up on trying to pack it all in and just accept the fact that this is supposed to be, much like the descriptions on a menu, a teaser. First throw your hands in the air, and then use them to karate chop all the extraneous elements into submission. What’s left over will be in fighting trim.

Featured Titles of the Week: The Quirk Within

This week's featured titles are both quirky, fun eBooks that don't take themselves too seriously. Everything from the short description to the cover art promises an entertaining read. Marty Beckerman- The Heming Way An hilarious guide...

Selling Tip: Captivating Book Descriptions

Your book's cover and description are the two key factors that could cause a customer to either ignore you or open to chapter one. Let's assume that you've already got an attractive book cover...

Featured BookBaby Titles of the Week: The “Homemade” Aesthetic

This week's theme is "The Homemade Aesthetic," featuring book covers that have an authentic feel and a personal vibe. Despite the old cliché, your prospective eBook buyers might just judge your book by its cover,...


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