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The prolific author: how many words per hour can you write?

Would you like to be much more productive as a writer? It’s possible, and you don’t have to turn into a machine or ingest huge amounts of caffeine to do it. (Although a bit of coffee might help goose your enthusiasm.) If you’re like me, you wouldn’t mind increasing your writing output so you can get more books and information products to market. This aspiration naturally leads to the question, “How much content can I reasonably expect to produce?” The best way to quantify it is to find out how many words you actually crank out per hour.

The benefits of being an unknown author

Attitudes of an indie author[This is a guest post by Bob Baker of FullTimeAuthor.com.] It's a common complaint. And I bet you have been guilty of falling victim to it too. "Nobody is paying attention to me or my book!" "I need an agent or major publisher to save me from this obscurity!" "If only I could get a lucky break and suddenly burst onto the national scene, then my problems would be over!" Sound familiar? Here's my take on it: Are you currently operating with few fans, slow book sales, and hardly any high-profile media coverage? If so, congratulations! It's time to celebrate and have some fun! What?!!

An Interview with Book Designer Joel Friedlander

BookBaby friend and occasional blog contributor Bob Baker recently interviewed BookBaby friend and occasional blog contributor Joel Friedlander. That's a lot of BookBaby Blog friendship. So it just makes sense to post that interview here, right? Bob is an author, entrepreneur, and internet marketing guru. Joel is a respected book designer, author, and blogger.  In this interview they talk about Joel's experience as a book designer, the business of self-publishing, and what it's like to work for yourself.

The Key to Standing Out as a Nonfiction Author

[This is a guest post by Bob Baker, author of "55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet" and founder of www.FullTimeAuthor.com.]

Accurate information isn't enough

I've heard it a thousand times from nonfiction authors. I bet you've uttered some form of these words yourself ... "People can find anything online these days. Why should they pay for my book when they can find similar information on the Internet for free?" Good question. I heard comments along those lines many years ago when I aspired to publish books and resources on music marketing. "There are already books out there that cover music promotion," they said.

Authors, Are You Making THIS Mistake With Your Email Newsletter?

See how I did that? I asked you a question you couldn't answer without reading more than just the headline! (And I assume it worked to grab your attention if you're still reading now.) Many authors are trying to engage their audience by asking questions—and that's a good thing—but they're asking the wrong kinds of questions, things like "Do you want to buy my latest book for half-price?" or "Who is your favorite fictional character?" According to marketing guru Bob Baker, you can "hypnotize" people into reading your email newsletters by doing one simple thing with the email subject lines (and look—it works for blog titles as well): ask a question that can't be answered without clicking to read more.  So, instead of "Would you like to read my newest love poem?"— try something like: "Which one of these three beautiful women inspired my latest love poem?" A question like that creates a "mental state of dissonance" which we want to quickly resolve.

Get Your Free Copy of “Blogging 101 for Independent Authors”

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote your books online. You’re already a writer, but you can further hone your craft by writing daily or weekly blog posts that engage your readership,...


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