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7 Essential Online Book Marketing Tips from the Front Lines

7 Book Marketing Essentials[This article was written by guest contributor Carol Tice.] The weeks before a book comes out, an author can feel like they've been tossed up into a whirling tornado. There's so much to do, and you can never do it all. Or at least that's how I feel as I dive into the launch week for my second print book out July 9, The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring (Allworth Press). When my first print book came out, I didn't know much about book marketing. I was excited because my publisher had promised to get my business book into all the Hudson News airport outlets! But they didn't do much else, and it didn't sell well. This time around, I've learned a lot (partly from publishing two eBooks of my own) and am much more focused on marketing. The good news is, there is a lot of book marketing you can do without leaving your house by using online platforms and email.


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