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A self-publishing strategy eBook for indie authors

My new eBook, The End – Now What?!, is full of budgeting, manuscript, and publishing advice for authors on the self-publishing track. Believe me, I know, getting your book published can be a long and daunting process. I’ve talked to hundreds of authors from all walks of life about their self-publishing experiences, both the good and not-so-good journeys. I've combined dozens of their stories in this book, along with some great tips and tricks from New York Times bestselling authors Hugh Howey and Dani Shapiro. Download your free copy today!
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Speed up! How to make better use of the time at your keyboard.

If you’ve ever started the process of writing a book – or even a blog post – you may have asked yourself, "How long will this take? Can’t I speed it up at all?" Many budding authors underestimate the time needed to write a really good and polished book. Some writers get bogged down halfway through and give up or put the project permanently on hold.
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Introducing the Hybrid Author Game Plan

As the self-publishing industry emerged, every author was tasked with a new – and very important – decision: Should I continue to pursue the traditional publishing route – with the support of agents, publishers, editors, cover designers to push books into brick & mortar bookstores? – OR – Should I try my hand at self publishing – either DIY or with the help of companies like BookBaby where I can retain more control and much more of the earnings? Here’s the big change: Just a few short years later, this really isn’t a question anymore. Every author – new, experienced and everyone in between – can remove the “OR” and replace it with “AND.”
Make Your Own Audiobook

How to Produce and Distribute Your Own Audiobook

If you create an audio version of your book, you can make CDs, stream it on your website, offer it as an MP3 download, or serialize it in podcast format. Make your own audiobook and gain new readers.


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