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author platform

Build Your Author Platform With Your Future In Mind

Before you publish your book, figure out what you want being a published author to mean to you. Then build your author platform with your post-published future in mind.
author website

How To Improve Your Author Website

Your author website is a reflection of you as a writer and of your book as a work of art. It pays to make sure it is as enticing as the story you’ve spent months (or years) laboring over. Here are six ways to improve your author website.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Self-published Authors

Three Digital Marketing Strategies for Self-published Authors

Are you in need of marketing guidance? These digital marketing strategies for self-published authors can get you started with your online book marketing.
book marketing with Rebel Miller

Rebel Miller: Book Marketing Lessons From A Self-Published Author

When it comes to book marketing and establishing herself in the marketplace, Miller says: "I have to tell myself to be patient. Writing and reading books is part of an intimate relationship. You need to build a dialog and trust. It's really no different from a lot of other products and services. Building credibility with the readers is very important."
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What Book Publicity Can An Author Gain On Her Own (And Where Does A...

There's a lot you can do to build your author brand and promote your book – but once you've established your brand, a PR firm might be the key to maximizing your book publicity potential.
author brand

Creating Your Brand As A Self-Published Author

For writers, when we talk about author brand we're mostly talking about "voice." Each of us offers a unique experience to readers. But the emotional experience you deliver to readers can also be applied to visuals like your author photo, book covers, and website.
author website

4 reasons you should prioritize your author website over social media

Nowadays, “web presence” is a big part of telling your story as a writer. In fact, the majority of your readers will probably discover you and your writing online first.


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