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How to Build Your Author Brand

Building Your Brand: how authors can promote their work while protecting their souls (This article is an excerpted section from CJ Lyons' BREAK FREE FROM THE SLUSHPILE, copyright 2011. Thanks to CJ for allowing us to...

How Authors Can Use ThingLink to Drive Engagement, Sales, and More

Not counting the actual words, nothing says as much about an author as his or her images/press photos/book covers. Photos can provide potential readers with important clues about an author's themes, style, and aesthetic,...

Author Promotion Tip: How to Embed a Tweet

Good news for authors! A new version of Twitter has recently launched that gives writers on the popular social network a few new promotional opportunities.

Twitter For Authors and Writers – 6 Tips to Get You Started

It’s amazing how much Twitter has become part of mainstream culture. And equally surprising is how many authors have yet to take the Twitter plunge! At first, the micro-blogging format can be a bit confusing and seem a little ridiculous, but if you hang in there, Twitter can be a powerful asset in your author promo arsenal. Twitter can not only help you spread the word about your writing endeavors, but it is great for making real-world connections with other writers and literary fans.

How to Use StumbleUpon to Get More Exposure for Your Writing

Full Disclosure: I’m a stumbler. I’m a stumble addict. I’ve got a stumble habit.  I’m a stumbleholic, stumblelover, and a stumblemaniac. I can’t help it. It all started about four years ago when a friend of...

How to Reach Your Readers: “Arrogant” Independent Publishing, Pt. 3

BookBaby president Brian Felsen gave a talk at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair on how and why you should be an "arrogant" self-publisher. In this video clip (part 3 of 3), Brian talk about how to assess the "felt need" of your book, how to reach your audience, and how to establish your author brand.
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Video Promotion for Authors, Pt. 1: the video interview

There are a number of ways authors can utilize video promotion to market their work, engage fans, increase their readership, and have some fun.


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