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The 3 things you need in order to build your author platform on a...

According to publishing expert Jane Friedman, when editors and agents say they’re looking to work with authors who have an existing platform, what they really mean is they’re searching for a writer “with visibility and authority who has proven reach to a target audience.”
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4 reasons you should prioritize your author website over social media

Nowadays, “web presence” is a big part of telling your story as a writer. In fact, the majority of your readers will probably discover you and your writing online first.
How to write a great author bio

How to write a great author bio that will connect with readers

Your book is riveting, but your author bio is a snooze. If you're afraid this describes you, don't be too hard on yourself; plenty of brilliant authors freeze up when it comes to writing about themselves in sound bites.
author platform

Building Your Author Platform in 10 Hours a Week (Including Writing Time!)

Build your author platform before your next book launch, so you can harness the power of potential buyers, industry contacts, and your entire web community.
author website

Is Your Author Website Ready to Meet the Press?

If you want journalists, critics, and bloggers to take a serious interest in your book, you have to make things easy for them. It starts with an author website that gives them everything they need.

How to Build Your Author Brand

Building Your Brand: how authors can promote their work while protecting their souls (This article is an excerpted section from CJ Lyons' BREAK FREE FROM THE SLUSHPILE, copyright 2011. Thanks to CJ for allowing us to...


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