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Blog Ideas for Authors

Blogging for Authors: How to Generate New Blog Ideas

Blogging is tremendous fun, and pretty engaging even if you don’t love your topic. Well, this is true most of the time... Here's how to generating new blog ideas when you're stumped.

How to Add Social Media Buttons to Your Author Blog

Have you ever wanted to add social media icons to your website or blog that looked a little more... customized? Now there's an easy and free solution — no coding necessary! Just visit NiftyButtons.com and pick the button design you like best.

10 Blog Content Ideas for Authors to Keep Your Loyal Readers Happy

It’s difficult to post fresh content on your blog every single week. Even the most inspired writers hit a wall once in a while. But don't get too frustrated. Not every blog post needs to be a brilliant essay. It's possible to be an effective blogger and spend less than 15 minutes writing each post! How? By varying the kinds of posts you publish, you’ll keep readers more engaged and make it easier for you to generate compelling content on-time—all the time.


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