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Make The Most of Your Writing: Simple Ways To Repurpose Content

A simple and effective approach to getting exposure for your book is to repurpose content you've created for different media. This tactic introduces your writing to a wide variety of people, some of whom might just buy your book!
blogging for authors

Blogging for authors: How to boost reader engagement

Engagement is what turns casual readers into regular subscribers, and subscribers into raving fans. What are you doing to engage readers?
blogging a book

Blogging A Book With Nina Amir: #BBChat Recap

We frequently hear our literary friends asking how to manage their writing time more effectively, and while blogs often come up in the conversation, the idea of using a blog to build and test material for a new book is not often mentioned. Nina shared her suggestions for posting frequency and word count goals, and even for the busiest of writers, her suggestions are very attainable.
completing a book one post at a time

From blog to book – a sensible approach to completing a book

Every author, or soon to be author, who reads this blog knows one indisputable fact: completing a book is hard work. Blood, sweat and tears flow – and that’s just to get through chapter one. Or is there an easier way? Publishing expert Nina Amir thinks so, and after reading her book, How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time, I do too.

Blogging tips for authors: how to generate new blog ideas

I've heard from quite a few authors lately who just can't think of anything interesting to write about on their blogs. Sure, they know frequent blog updates are crucial for keeping their existing readers engaged, updating social media feeds, and  attracting new visitors to their websites. In short, they know that blogging is one of the best free tools for promoting their books. But they also feel like most of their creative energy goes into those books, and there's not much left over for weekly or, God forbid, daily posts... If this sounds familiar, if you're an author struggling to generate the kinds of blog posts that consistently interest your fans, I hope the three articles linked below will help you find the missing inspiration to blog, blog often, and build a bigger readership for your books:
blogging for authors

Author blogging tips that will help you boost sales and build your readership

Lots of authors are blogging these days. It's one of the best ways to keep your readers engaged in what you're doing between books. Plus it can help promote your new books upon publication. But since everyone is doing it, you've got to do it better. Here are 5 articles for authors on how to get the most out of your blogging efforts.
blog a book

How to “blog a book” and become a successful author

In this interview, Nina Amir provides tips on how to turn your blog into a book, position yourself as an expert, and build your writing career upon an inspired foundation. 


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