This article was written by guest contributor and BookBaby author Lexis De Rothschild.

Amazon is the behemoth of online publishing. How you merchandise your book on this formidable website can mean the difference between sales and obscurity.

How do I know?

I followed the exact steps outlined in their super-friendly website, Author Central. My rank went from 501,678 (hideous!) to 47,095 (at the time of writing– Amazon rankings fluctuate) after I implemented the following:

  1. Sign up:
  2. Don’t rush: Review their instructions for uploading content first. There are great articles from CreateSpace writers with tips and techniques for creating killer copy about you and your book.
  3. Prepare: Write your marketing materials, wait twenty-four hours and revise! It’s easy to post, but very hard to correct. What you write goes global in seconds. Make it great.

Your basic toolkit for optimizing Author Central:

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