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10 Things Literary Agents Don’t Do for Authors

A literary agent will go through thousands of books per year and pick the ones they feel have the greatest chance of success at major and minor publishing houses. Essentially, a literary agent is a salesman whose main product is YOU and your book!

How Harlequin’s Carina Press Decides Which Books to Publish

Angela James, executive editor of Carina Press (a digital-first imprint from Harlequin), talks with BookBaby president Brian Felsen about the process of finding, deciding-upon, and publishing a book. James talks about the inner-workings of Carina's team of editors, the acquisitions process, their internal voting system, and how an author can better position themselves by building their platform in advance of submitting their manuscript.

What Are Literary Agents Looking for In Your Manuscript?

What do agents look for in a book? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, they're looking for a lot of the same things as publishers; after all, that agent is going to have to convince a publisher's...

How to Find a Literary Agent

Last year, BookBaby president Brian Felsen had the privilege to attend the London Book Fair where he interviewed many publishers, editors, and authors. Below are some of the highlights from his talk with literary...

What Do Literary Agents Do?

As author Nathan Bransford says: "Literary agents are the baleen to the publishing industry's whale. The Brita to the publishing industry's drinking water. The pan to the publishing industry's gold." Meaning-- they are filters. Agents sift through many...

Why You Don’t Need a Publishing Deal: “Arrogant” Independent Publishing, Pt. 1

BookBaby president Brian Felsen gave a talk at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair on how and why you should be an "arrogant" self-publisher. In this first video clip (part 1 of 3), Brian explains...
What are Publishers Looking for

What Are Publishers Looking For In Your Manuscript?

What do publishers look for in a book? Let's assume you're good, great even! Plenty of famous writers lived for years at a time on a steady diet of rejection letters. So what are publishers...


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