Books From Countries Around The World [Infographic]

Books From Countries

At their best, books can take you places in ways that movies and other media cannot. A book can take you fully into the minds of its characters, envelop you in an imagined future or historical past, and dive deep into the crevices of a city’s sidewalks or a plantation’s fields. In fact, in many novels, the location and setting are as alive and important as any character in the story, and you feel like you’ve come to know a place to which you’ve never been – or will never get to experience in person.

You may never get the chance to visit Montenegro, but you can read The Mountain Wreath – a poem, play, and masterpiece of Serbian literature – and travel to the 18th-century to experience a struggle for freedom, justice, and dignity first-hand. And you don’t even need to put your shoes on to do it.

And while a trip to Nepal may forever be a fantasy, you can visit the Palpasa Cafe, a novel written in the midst of the Nepalese Civil War in 2005. Or you can visit an imagined American town in the mid 1800s in Mark Twain’s classic, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.

The infographic below, produced by the good folks at Global English Editing, lists books set in 150 different countries, inviting you to travel the world without leaving your living room. Of course, your favorite escape may not appear here (I can add Alexandria, Egypt from Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet as a start), but that’s the point. Throw a dart and pick a country, then open a book and explore. While you’re at it, why not list your favorite omission from the graphic in the comments section?

books from countries

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