What is an eBook?

What is an eBook

What is an eBook?

eBook stands for electronic book, which is a digital version of your manuscript. eBooks consist of text, images, or both. They can be read on most mobile devices; including smart phones, like the iPhone or Android; tablets, like an iPad or Surface; and eReaders, like a Kindle or Nook. All of these mobile devices can hold hundreds of titles at once. It’s like taking a library with you on the go.

How do you buy an eBook?

You can buy eBooks from thousands of retailers, including Amazon, iBookStore, and Barnes & Noble. You can also buy eBooks directly from an author’s website.

Where can I sell my eBook?

With BookBaby, you can sell your eBook through major retail outlets, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble; in app stores like iTunes and Google Play; and through BookShop™, a free online store front exclusively for BookBaby authors.

What kind of books can be eBooks?

Any book can become an eBook, from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to Chris Van Allsburg’s Jumanji. And that includes your book, too! BookBaby can help transform your book into an eBook.

Will my eBook look just like my printed book?

All of your content will be in your eBook, but it will not look exactly the same. With eBooks, readers can customize their experience by changing the format, like font styles and line spacing. That means eBook content needs to be flexible within readers’ preferences and devices. But don’t worry, BookBaby has a team of conversion specialists that can handle it all for you. They can also design a cover for your eBook (should you need one) to make it stand out on the virtual bookshelves.

What do I need to get started?

Send us your finished Word document or PDF file. We’ll convert your book into an eBook-compatible file within six to eight business days. Plus, if you’re looking for writing and editing services to refine your manuscript before conversion, our team of professional editors is here to assist you.

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  1. When someone buys an E-Book what can the buyer do with it? Are they a ‘read only’ email with no forwarding, copying or editing allowed??

  2. I recently had my book published as an eBook, as well as a soft cover book with Bookbaby. In the meantime, one of my former students volunteered to translate it into Chinese. How difficult would it be to have a Chinese language eBook (or soft cover printed version)? Also, how much would it cost to get this book published in both formats?


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