The top reasons for choosing a printed book over an eBook

Top reasons to choose a print book over an eBook

As an author, you don’t have to choose; you can easily print physical copies of your book AND create a beautiful digital version for use on eReader, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

But as we explored recently in an article called “Is eBook distribution enough? Why selling hard copies of your novel matters,” the majority of readers still prefer physical books to digital.

Why? Well, each reader’s reason may vary (tactile, emotional, practical, educational, etc.), but the infographic above from Colour & Thing helps answer that very question.

Which do you prefer, an eBook or a printed book? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. I currently own (not counting archieved) 867 e-books. In storage I likely have somewhere around that in paperback, trade and hard back books. I love e-books ease of storage, transportability, the ability to change fonts sizes and the convience of buying a new book at 3am. I love the smell of print books, of knowing exactly where that part is, the book my grandmother gave to me and read to me. I don’t believe it’s an either or situation. Print books will always have their place but e-books can and do enrich lives as well.

  2. […] for indie authors. The resilience of print books (which is evident in the infographic “The top reasons for choosing a printed book over an eBook“) is a great thing; it means you have continuing opportunities to offer fans multiple options […]


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