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image formatting

The graphic appeal of your book – both the book cover and the pages within – plays a big part in the perception and professionalism of your work.

These posts help answer questions and give advice to get your images and files ready for publication.

image formatting book cover designBook cover design tips for independent authors
We spoke with two graphic designers to get insights on what makes for great design and why your book cover design is more important than ever before.

image formatting sell themSell them with your cover design
Despite the old cliché, your prospective eBook and print buyers will judge your book by its cover.

image formatting three questions3 Tough Questions Every Author Should Ask Themselves About Their Book Cover
Let’s face it – most of your readers will view your book cover art as a tiny little postage-stamp sized image on a retail website. Does it pass the test?

image formatting six tips6 Tips for Formatting Images for an eBook
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, correctly formatted images for an eBook can be priceless!

image formatting eBook formattingeBook Formatting Tip: Resize Your Images
If you want your eBook to display content in an attractive way across all the eReaders, there are a few simple tips you’ll want to follow before your file is converted into the ePUB format.

image formatting book formattingBook Formatting and Cover Design Make Your Manuscript… a Book
You can create a beautiful book, inside and out. Once you’re finished with your content, you need to make sure your book looks as good as it reads.

image formatting book designHow a self-published author got extraordinary book cover design
Clear vision and a true collaboration with the BookBaby Design Studio makes self-published author Lauren Lynne’s Secret Watchers series look extraordinary.

image formatting design an eBookHow to Design an eBook: 3 Tips for Creating a Cover That Sells
Humans are a visual species, stimulated by compelling graphics and imagery. Not only do books with cool covers stand out because of their visual appeal, an inspired book cover can be one of your greatest sales tools.

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  1. Very Interesting. I have two books published and on Amazon. ;My main book is: “I Was A Monkey’s Mama,” It was
    published in hard copy first. I never heard from the publisher, whether it was selling, so I assumed it wasn’t. I received no money. Then, I took it to Create Space, and it was published in soft cover. I never knew a thing about self -publishing. Because of false self-modesty, I never p;ushed on getting an audience. Now, I’ve seen the light. I am ready to get people interested in buying. I was pleased with the Hard Copy proof when i got it. I don’t remember getting one’from Create Space, I just discovered that they messed up and had several pages with the title of chapters at the bottom of the preceding page: What a mess. Also, for some reason, there are some bad pictures which are not done in color and I have some very cute colored pictures of Tanya and some of my other animals,. I would really like t;o change’that, if possible., I have taken a business page on facebook to showcase my big book and also my second book, which is the first of a series of children’s books in rhyme. I am up there in age, however, I want to share some
    humorous stories and have come alive with writing. I have finished the 2nd Tanya;s Monkey Tales Book and have a new illustrator because Jack Fones died a numberl of years ago. Theresa has done a great job of creating characters that look like the original ones I am ‘waiting to get it published. I have written many op- ed pieces for years and had a lot of them published in many different papers The previous op- ed editor published everything I sent him. I have written many poems, some quite humerous and would like to sell them. I am now working on a book about my dog, Baar, from his point of view and have finished 5000 plus words that I will want to get published. I even know what the cover will be. I know zero about putting a book together and how it should be ready for uploading., I want to first get my Monkey;s Mama book as an E book. Then, it would be great if I made some money to help get the other monkey books published together. I would love to have help and advice from you experts.

    I am eager to get things going! I have two cd’s of “I Was A Monkey’s Mama.” Can they be used?

    Barbara Parkman

  2. As a prospective self published author i find these BookBaby emails interesting & informative; thank you so much..


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