How to Insert Page Breaks When Formatting an eBook

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Updated June 2017.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: there is no fixed pagination with an eBook. However, you CAN designate where you want page breaks.

When and why you should insert page breaks in your eBook?

As dynamic text “flows” across multiple devices, page numbers become virtual – so you should leave them out of your eBook manuscript.

That said, you CAN designate where you want page breaks in your eBook.
Of course, you may have a need to dictate where page breaks occur in you text. For instance, you may want to insert a page break at the end of every chapter or before anything that must start on a new “page.” In some cases, you may want to ensure a photo appears with its caption or description, so inserting a page break before the image can guarantee the text stays married to the image.

How to insert a page break in Microsoft Word

Inserting page breaks is easy in Word. Simply put the cursor where the break should be, choose “Break” from the “Insert” pull-down menu, scroll over to “Page Break” and voila! You’ve inserted a page break. Most text and word processing programs will have a similar set of commands for this feature.

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  1. It’s useless in my opinon to insert page breaks this way. When you read on an ebook, the pages are calculated and generated according to the size of your screen.

    • And what if you have a few lines of text and you want them to stay with an image. If you dont page break they can split onto different pages, not doing as intended.


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