Avoid Holiday Supply-chain Logjams: Sell Your Books On BookBaby Bookshop

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BookBaby Bookshop’s has features and advantages made just for indie authors

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The holidays can bring both joy and frustration to indie authors. It’s arguably the best time of year to sell books, but with supply chain and fulfillment issues plaguing the industry, the most wonderful time of year could become the nightmare before Christmas.

No supply-chain issues here

While fulfillment could be a major issue for many authors, there is some good news: BookBaby authors selling their book through Bookshop will not face this obstacle. By partnering with Xeikon, an innovator in digital printing technology that specializes in dry toner technology, and installing two of its SX30000 printing presses, we’ve done everything possible to ensure that you are equipped to have a seamless and successful selling season on BookBaby Bookshop.

We’re a fair-trade bookseller

BookBaby Bookshop prides itself on being the most author-friendly bookstore on the Internet. We prioritize author equity, so indie authors can win in an industry that can oftentimes be unkind. Authors earn more per sale on Bookshop than anywhere else — getting paid 50 percent on every print book sale and 85 percent on all eBook sales.

With BookBaby’s new partnership with Xeikon, indie authors now can enjoy their lucrative royalty rates on Bookshop while never sweating fulfillment — even during the busiest time of year.

Xeikon SX30000 printing presses

The Xeikon SX30000s are roll-fed printing presses that are capable of running 428 letter pages per minute and 2,545 sheets per hour per press. By adding these two presses, BookBaby’s printing efficiency has increased by 50 percent. Whether you’ve published a novel, a cookbook, or a children’s book, BookBaby is at-the-ready and fully prepared to print and deliver your books to your readers.

The Do's and Don'ts of Planning a Book Launch

The addition of the Xeikon presses ensures peace of mind for BookBaby authors. After all, once you’ve committed time and resources to promote and sell your book, the last thing you should have to worry about is fulfillment. No book will be out of stock on Bookshop, and no order will be too much to handle.

Adding these machines was a major investment made with the interest of independent authors at heart. As a print-on-demand publisher and retailer, we’re using the most sophisticated printing machinery so we can support our authors through what should be a huge holiday selling season.

Bookshop analytics

In addition to our expanded book-printing capabilities, Bookshop is helping authors win this holiday season with a new feature: Bookshop Analytics. This exclusive Bookshop tool allows you to track all your sales data and buyer metrics in one place. Bookshop Analytics provides insights like daily traffic updates, buyer locations, traffic sources, and device types.

Between supply-chain issues and global inflation, there are lots of challenges for authors and small publishers, which is why we’ve acted to set our authors up for success during these prime book-selling months.

All are welcome at Bookshop!

If you are an independent author or publisher who is concerned about printing and fulfillment this holiday season — even if you don’t publish through Bookbaby — you can sell your book on Bookshop. In fact, you don’t even need a new ISBN. By selecting “Bookshop Only” as a distribution option, you can bring your independently-published title to Bookshop and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve this holiday.

You can learn more about selling your book on BookBaby Bookshop by visiting our website or giving us a call at 856-460-8069.

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