Is BookBaby Legit?

is BookBaby legit

When looking for the right self-publishing company for you, ask the following questions to make sure you’re getting the best fit.

As a writer who wants to self publish your book, you owe yourself – and your manuscript – a few hours of research into finding the very best self-publishing company to work with. There are a lot of folks out there offering self-publishing services, including BookBaby. So, as a prospective author, you need to ask all sorts of questions to find out which company has the services and resources to help you realize your publishing dreams.

To help you out, I’ve listed the most important questions you should ask.

Is BookBaby legit?

I figured we’d start with a simple one. Yes, BookBaby is legit, and we’ve paid out millions of dollars in royalties to over 50,000 self-published authors of every genre around the globe. Offering editing, book cover design, book formatting, eBook Conversion, book printing, marketing, distribution, and so much more, BookBaby is the place where writers become published authors.

How does BookBaby work?

BookBaby is a self-publishing company that gives authors creative control, freedom, and the resources they need to get their books in the hands of readers. Our publishing specialists help authors through every step of the publishing process, from the time we take your first phone call, to receiving your manuscript, to delivering your finished product.

Does BookBaby have published reviews on TrustPilot?

Yes! BookBaby has an “Excellent” rating on TrustPilot based on 2,200+ reviews dating back to 2015. Compare our reviews with any other self-publishing company to help you make your choice.

Does BookBaby offer editing services?

Yes. BookBaby offers both line and copy editing services. It’s not a requirement that authors have to use our – or any – editing service, but we strongly recommend authors consider the investment of a professional edit to ensure their manuscript is error-free.

Does BookBaby offer both paperback and hardcover books?

Yes. BookBaby can prepare your manuscript to be printed in both softcover and hardcover book formats. We offer all of the most popular trim sizes.

Can BookBaby distribute my book?

Yes. BookBaby offers the widest distribution network for self-published authors – for both eBooks and Printed books, from Amazon to Apple, Barnes & Noble to Walmart-Kobo, and dozens more.

Does BookBaby offer print on demand (POD)?

Yes. BookBaby offers the most complete print-on-demand service, with both soft cover and hard cover books included in our program.

Does BookBaby print its own books?

Yes. BookBaby prints all its authors’ books in our 125,000 square foot facility in Pennsauken, New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia, PA. We do the file preparation, printing, cutting, binding, and shipping all under one roof. (Now, search the street address of the other self-publishing companies you might be considering. A lot of them are just UPS Mailbox offices!)

Does BookBaby offer book cover design?

Yes. BookBaby has a dedicated team of in-house cover designers for both your printed book and eBook titles. Plus, we do formatting (or typesetting) services for interior book design.

Does BookBaby offer customer service and sales support?

Absolutely! We have a large, dedicated team of people standing by in our New Jersey office – not chatbots or email servers. We are available from 9 am to 6 pm EST Monday through Friday to answer your questions and assist you with your projects.

Does BookBaby take a percentage of my book royalties from outside online retailers?

No. We charge modest up-front fees on all our products and services. You can find a complete listing of those on our website or in our catalog. Once your book is up for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or any of the other stores we distribute to, we collect all of your royalties for you and immediately deposit them into your account.

Does BookBaby guarantee all its products and services?

Yes. We are one of the few in the self-publishing marketplace that offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with our products or services, we’ll work with you to make it right or refund your money in full.

Learn more about BookBaby

To talk to one of our publishing specialists and hear more about our services and resources, contact us today!

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