The Top 4 Benefits of Independent eBook Publishing

[This article is excerpted from BookBaby’s free PDF “eBook Publishing: The How-To Guide for Writers” by Steven Spatz. Download the whole guide HERE at no cost.]

The digital book — or eBook — is now the preferred choice for millions of readers. Walk through any airport waiting area or Starbucks and you’ll see a growing number of readers enjoying new levels of convenience, portability, access, and affordability with their Kindles, iPads, Nooks and more.

Today you can publish your eBook for a fraction of the cost and time it once took to bring a book “to market.”

4 Ways that eBooks empower independent author

Beyond the exploding sales numbers, the electronic publishing age offers opportunities for new and prospective authors that have previously been open to a relative few.

1. Authors are in control

Creative types — artists, musicians, sculptors, authors — have almost always been at the mercy of others controlling and profiting from their art. It’s been that way since Michelangelo was painting ceilings in Rome.

With eBooks, authors can finally have as much control as they want because of their direct access to their reading audience.

2. Short timeline

It can take anywhere from 12 to 15 months for a traditional publishing company to get an author’s work into the marketplace. Compare that with the 3 to 4 weeks it takes to see your BookBaby eBook on Amazon, Apple and more.

3. Special interests can be special

With eBooks, even tiny niche titles are economical to produce, satisfying small yet potentially profitable reading audiences.

Last but certainly not least:

4. More bank

The old payment formulas are completely upside down in the eBook world. Instead of accepting miniscule royalty percentages going through old school publishers, authors are seeing up to 70% of sales receipts through some of the online retailers. Even when eBook authors bring prices way down to 2.99….$1.99….even $.99…they’re realizing much higher revenue totals because of increased unit sales.

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  1. It is cool to read that eBooks make it easier to earn as the author. There are a lot of people that would love knowing this since this is an easier sell. My sister would love knowing this as she researches eBooks more.


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