How to make an eBook

One of our most popular web pages is loaded with information to help you write, design, distribute, and promote your eBook.

how to make an ebook
Writers gotta write – it’s just what we have to do. It’s our preferred way to express ourselves and to get our ideas out into the world. Effortless for some, frustrating at times for others, but in the end it’s usually engaging and satisfying work for all who claim the title of “author”.

To help writers get their message out, companies like BookBaby have come along to give authors the opportunity to self publish. Now every writer has the opportunity to have their books sold in every bookstore on the planet, digital or brick and mortar.

We all agree that authors have unprecedented access to the readers. The question is: Have we made it easy for writers to put their work out there? To be sure there are a some tech-savvy authors who have embraced the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit in pursuing self publishing.

My gut tells me, however, that the vast majority of authors need a little help when it comes to how to make an eBook. Maybe more than a little.

That’s why “How to make and publish an eBook” is my favorite page on our website.

On it, we’ve collected the best-of-the-best information that’s been posted on our blog dedicated to creating eBooks. It’s broken up into four basic categories:

1. Writing an eBook

This header features great posts that help you stay focused and motivated on your writing.

2. How to design, format, and convert an eBook

We’ve collected great articles to help you understand all of the technical processes of eBook creation.

3. How to get worldwide distribution

Every indie author has the opportunity to get global eBook distribution to all the most popular eBook platforms. These articles will get you there.

4. How to promote an eBook

Your eBook is done and available for sale at Amazon, iBooks, B&N and everywhere else. Here are some articles that helps you get the word out!

Every month, when we review all manner of marketing numbers, this page is consistently among the most visited on our website. That tells me it’s full of the information that would-be authors need to take that next step. Take some time to look these posts over and see if you don’t agree.

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