How to Promote a Young Adult Novel on Social Media

promote a young adult novel

When you’re ready to promote a Young Adult novel, these links and pages will get you connecting with online groups and forums likely to embrace your title.

You did it! You finished writing your book, and it’s a moment worthy of celebration. But the next leg of the journey is just beginning. As a self-published author, you’ll be busier than ever marketing your book online and off.

When it comes to promote a Young Adult novel online, the good news is there are countless groups and forums devoted to the genre. Your task as an author is to find and engage with these forums – and let’s emphasize the idea of “engagement.” When doing your book promotion via social media, it’s important that members of these online groups recognize you as a dedicated participant, not someone solely interested in self-promotion. Join in the conversations, and once you’ve established yourself, you can start mentioning your book and perhaps even promote special offers and other promotions.

Below are some great online resources to get you started. Share your favorites in the comments section!


For anyone marketing on a budget, Facebook is a valuable resource. Start by creating an author page devoted to your young adult title, then work to drive people to the page through likes and recommendations. There are plenty of books, webinars, and blog posts with tips on how to do this, and Facebook has a step-by-step guide to help you as well.

You can always reach a segment of your Facebook friends and followers with anything you post, but to reach a larger audience, you’ll have to pay. Facebook calls this “boosting” your post, and the process begins with you deciding how much you’d like to spend. Once “boosted,” Facebook will send your content out to like-minded pages where it will appear on timelines and can get your book on the feeds of people interested in your topic beyond those already in your immediate circle.

One way you can start finding those people yourself is to join the Facebook groups that draw readers of the Young Adult genre. Here are a few of our favorites.

AAYAA (An Alliance of Young Adult Authors) [1,673 members]. AAYAA is a group offering writer support and guidance. Self-promotion is not allowed, but this group can help you connect with other writers in the YA community.

Young Adult Book Publicity and Book Club [1,498 members]. Composed of writers, readers, and fans, The Young Adult Book Publicity and Book Club encourages promotion and publicity (as indicated by the group’s name).

Young Adult Authors & Young Adult Bloggers Unite [1,841 members]. This group welcomes authors and bloggers posting about YA novels and is a great place to connect with fans, bloggers, and authors in the genre.

YA YA (Young Adult Books) [3,560 members]. YA YA is dedicated to authors and readers of young adult books. Self-promoting posts are allowed, just be sure to keep them age-appropriate.

Books for Young Adults & Children [2,039 members]. Books for Young Adults & Children is a group catering to younger audiences that provides a community to share your YA novel with. Authors and readers are encouraged to post.

Discover Young Adult Books (Readers and Authors) [254 members]. This is a closed group created so members can get closely involved with other interested parties. This close-knit community asks that authors avoid “drive-by, post your random book” entries, but promotes authors who join their events.


As you already know, you’ll have to be clever, brief, and compelling to use this medium effectively. Think small and remember to use hashtags – they can make a huge difference in how many people see your tweet. A hashtag is used to show what the post is about or related to (e.g. #youngadult, #teenlit). Each hashtag has its own Twitter address, so people interested in Young Adult novels, or whatever topic they are interested in, can simply visit a relevant hashtag and read all of the posts related to it. Using multiple relevant hashtags can help you establish a successful Twitter presence, and if you’re offering a Kindle deal for your book, make sure to use the hashtag #kindledeals as many readers look there for inexpensive books.

Here are some relevant hashtags for the YA genre:


Reddit is an online community divided into segmented “subreddits,” each prefaced by the letter “r.” This provides an opportunity to promote to a general audience (such as r/books) or a more specialized community (such as r/YAlit). Each “subreddit” is basically a chat forum that focuses on a particular subject. Visitors can initiate a thread or topic or simply respond to comments that others have posted. The more responses, the higher up the page that discussion goes. Read Reddit’s description of itself.

Check the right sidebar on every subreddit you visit to find related subreddits as well as the page rules. Some pages allow self-promotion, others strictly forbid it, and some have special times or threads for self-promotion. We’re listing a few suggestions for YA authors below, but once you start investigating, you’ll find plenty of threads to get involved with.

r/YAlit is one of the more popular YA novel communities on Reddit. There are nearly 7,500 subscribers who are dedicated to everything related to young adult literature.

r/YAwriters is a subreddit for YA authors to share their writing, whether a work-in-progress or a completed piece. Critiques, suggestions, and reviews are welcome here.

r/books is a community broadly dedicated to lovers of the written word. It’s a good starting point to get a feel for the world of books on the Reddit. While there are no direct promotions allowed on this page (as mentioned, you can find a subreddit’s rules on the right side its homepage), it does feature a “new releases” section where you can promote your book.

There are two rules for this group:

  1. The book must have been published within the last three months
  2. No direct sales links are allowed


Pinterest is a site made up of theme-based, virtual bulletin boards. You’ll find boards on everything, from movie posters to kitchen remodels to every kind of Young Adult book imaginable. Each board features images of the topic presented, and clicking on an image brings up more information. For example, if you’re on a book board and you click the image of a book jacket, that might take you to the book’s Amazon page, a review, or the author’s website.

Pinterest is used for sharing information, but too much self-promotion is frowned upon, so when you set up a Pinterest board, you may want to devote it to a larger topic, such as self-published young adult fiction or favorite YA fantasy books. Allow others to share their titles with you, or post their favorites. Join in the fun of creating interesting boards that will be engaging to others, and in addition to creating your own, seek others where you can share your pins (images) and connect with others in the Young Adult community.

! Young Adult books

Teen and Young Adult Books

! Bookaholics Anonymous

! ♥ Indie Authors and Self Published

Self-Published Young Adult Books


Owned by Amazon, Goodreads is a website that allows individuals to search an extensive user-populated database of books, annotations, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists and can also create groups for book blogs, suggestions, surveys, and discussions. Before engaging with groups on Goodreads, read the rules: authors who post promotions without participating in discourse in the community will be ejected.

Addicted to YA is a group for young adult book readers, filled with discussions open to new and old members.

Crazy for Young Adult Books is a popular Goodreads group intended for the discussion of YA books. Self-promotion is acceptable as long as it is not excessive.

This post was written by Nadya Lyapunova, a student double-majoring in communication and visual arts at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. It was originally posted on the BlueInk Review blog. Republished with permission.

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  1. […] How to Promote a Young Adult Novel on Social Media When you’re ready to promote a Young Adult novel, these links and pages will get you connecting with online groups and forums likely to embrace your title. […]

  2. Thanks for mentioning AAYAA! I like to use permafree books, especially on ibooks, for reaching younger teens. I also build big email lists with book giveaways which helps to get more reviews (I’m close to 1000).

  3. I’m disappointed that this post did not cover Instagram, Tumblr, maybe SnapChat. Am I wrong in thinking many young readers are heavily using those sites, not so much Facebook and Pinterest?

  4. This has been one of the most helpful posts re; marketing on a budget I have yet seen. I am a Facebook user but, until now, have not found the connections to those who may be interested in my writing. My efforts at navigating Goodreads groups has has managed only to bring me to the attention of those who want to sell me reviews. Thanks for this information. My spirits are lifted today.


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