Video Promotion for Authors, Pt. 2: Live Streaming for Readings and Book Clubs

Author Video Promotion: Live streaming

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools that an author can utilize. And through websites like YouTube and Vimeo, authors can build an audience and reach the masses through streaming and sharing video content.

It’s always been the case that independent authors had to handle their own promotion, but nowadays even writers with big book deals are expected to shoulder the lion’s share of the marketing promotion legwork. Luckily, you no longer have to worry as much about the price of plane tickets, car rentals, and gas. Streaming and posting video content on YouTube, Vimeo, Skype, and UStream will let you travel the world from your couch!

Here are a few ways you can use video streaming to promote your writing:

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

    The second most utilized search engine on the internet is YouTube. People use it to watch how-to videos, reviews, conferences, testimonials, TV shows, music videos, etc. It is a good place for you to make an appearance. Here is a good resource for creating your own YouTube videos. You can also get the YouTube Director app if you want to make your own business commercial.

  2. Commercial for your book

    Post a commercial or teaser trailer for your book on YouTUbe or Vimeo! Give a brief synopsis for your target audience, introduce yourself, and let readers know where they can buy your book. As an example, BookBaby romance author, Becky Ringler, made this commercial for her book.

  3. Host an interview series

    Film a monthly reading event from your kitchen (curated by YOU) with different featured writers each time. Post the video on your YouTube and Vimeo channels. Engage your readers and monitor any questions that appear in the comment section. The authors you interview in the video will promote your reading series to their fans, increasing your name recognition, and maybe earning you some new readers.

  4. Meet with book clubs

    Encourage book clubs to purchase and read your book by offering to participate in their meetings on the day your book is chosen for discussion. Without leaving your home, you can “Skype” into their living room.

  5. Classroom discussions

    Similarly, you can use video streaming or chatting technology to participate in classroom discussions of your work. Teachers often have their hands tied when it comes to choosing assigned literature. But in some cases they do get to dictate the curriculum (especially at the community college and university level), and they might be enticed by your book if they know a  classroom discussion with the author is an option!

  6. Novel serialization

    Use YouTUbe or Vimeo to read your novel one chapter at a time over a few months. Post the videos on your social media channels and blog. If you’re still working on your novel, you can ask your readers for feedback, too!

Have you used video streaming or chat technology to promote your work? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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