Why Does Digital Book Advertising Matter?

Madison Jusko, digital advertising specialist at BookBaby, dives into how digital book advertising — and our Ads For Authors program — works.

Writing a book is one challenge you have to meet on your publishing journey — and as a sensational writer, you’ve got that part covered. Attracting readers to buy your book is a challenge that requires a different set of skills, and it leaves a lot of authors at a loss.

With BookBaby’s Ads for Authors program, you can focus on what you do best — crafting a great story — and leave the ad creation and placement to experts like us.

Why does digital book advertising matter?

What makes a reader buy one book instead of another? Some say a reader buys a book based on what they expect to get out of it. Of course, not every reader is expecting to get the same thing out of a book, which is why you have to make your book promotion appeal to the readers who are most likely to love your title.

That means an ad campaign for a children’s book is going to look and read much differently than an ad for a crime thriller. Your children’s book campaign may emphasize the book’s bright colors, educational story, and warm characters. The crime thriller may focus on the page-turning pace, plot twists, and bone-chilling narrative.

Which is where digital book advertising comes in. Digital ads are designed to put your title in front of readers where they spend most of their free time — online. That’s how digital marketing can make a huge difference in the success of your book’s visibility. After all, you won’t read a book you never hear about.

There are three components of the Ads for Authors process: ad development, ad design, and reporting.

Ad Development

In the ad development stage, you determine your budget, campaign length, and preferred sales platforms. Our team members will give advice on what amount of time and money might work best, but you ultimately choose the budget and duration of your campaign.

Of course, there are some basics to be aware of, like:

  • Facebook ads are best if you want to appeal to a wide swath of social media users.
  • LinkedIn is the best platform if you’re looking to appeal to career professionals and industry experts.
  • Display ads are banner ads that will appear on a variety of websites across the Internet — there are literally millions of sites to choose from when determining where your ads should appear.

Ad Design

Once you’ve determined your ad preferences, our team will study your book and design an ad that targets the readers most likely to be interested in purchasing your title.

We’ll design an eye-catching graphic featuring your cover art, blurbs and reviews, or an unforgettable excerpt from your story and pair it with an engaging description that hooks potential readers.

We’ll use visuals and verbiage designed to appeal to your intended audience — whether it’s sleek and high-contrast or charming and imaginative.

But it’s ultimately up to you — you’ll receive a proof to approve before your ad goes live!

Ad Reporting

It’s been said that if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing, and our Ads for Authors program has got you covered.

Once your ad goes live, you can track all the ad performance data right from your BookBaby account.

On this page, you’ll be able to see several key data points, including impressions and clicks. Impressions show how many people saw your ad online, and clicks show how many people followed your ad to your book-purchasing page.

Ready to promote your book?

Our Ads for Authors program gives independent authors like you the best of both worlds: total control and total freedom. You have the final say on how your book is marketed, but you don’t have to create the content or become an expert in digital advertising.

For more information on our Ads for Authors program, give BookBaby a call at 877-961-6878 or email us at info@bookbaby.com.

See all our Indie Author Minute videos on the BookBaby YouTube channel.

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