21 Ways a Reader Might Find Your Author Website

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One of your big promotional goals as an author is to attract readers to YOUR OWN WEBSITE, a place — unlike social media platforms — where you can control the user experience.

Once the visitor is on your website, you can encourage them to take specific actions (like buying a book, checking out a sample chapter, or subscribing to your author newsletter).

There are many ways to attract people to your website — both online and off.

Here’s a list of 21 ways a reader could come across your author site

Are you taking advantage of them all?

1. Search on Google, Bing, etc. Someone types in your name, pen-name, book title, or a keyword phrase into a search engine and your website shows up in the search results. Click! Bam.

2. You announce your website’s URL at readings, signings, panel discussions, etc. And it’s a memorable URL, right? (Preferably “YourAuthorName.com”)

3. Real-world conversations. At the library at a bookstore, on an airplane, you tell someone you’re a writer. They ask where they can read your books. You say “check out my website at… ”

4. Business cards — simple, simple.

5. Your URL is included on your printed book (jacket or interior) — simple, simple.

6. Your URL is listed on posters and other printed material announcing a reading or other event — simple, simple.

7. Your website content gets shared on Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, etc.

8. You link to your website from your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.)

9. The signature of your email has a link to your website.

10. The footer of your email newsletter (and lots of the content within the email) leads to your website.

11. Link exchanges, blogs swaps, oh my! Do a guest-post for another author’s blog or literary-interest site. Link back to your site in the article. Voila!

12. Your URL is displayed on all your promo materials: press release, one-sheet, and press kit.

13. Your website URL is written right at the top of your YouTube video descriptions. (What kind of author videos? Well, book trailers, taped readings and interviews, behind-the-scenes mini-documentaries, video poems, etc.)

14. Annotations in your YouTube videos mention your website.

15. The YouTube video itself displays your URL.

16. Your URL is mentioned in TV or radio advertising.

17. You or the show’s host mention your website in a radio or podcast interview.

18. Your website gets mentioned by a book reviewer/literary critic. This could include magazines, journals, newspapers, blogs, etc.

19. Your URL is listed on the website or catalog for a publisher, writers group, professional association, or author collective. 

20. Paid online advertising (Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.) links back to your website.

21. Sky writing, Telepathy, Hypnotism, Prophecy — because you’ve got to cover every angle, right?

Did we forget any? Probably so. If you’ve got a few ideas to add, please leave your comment below.

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  2. Superb collection!
    For a beginner like me, these tips would help pretty much..Now, I can promote my content all over the world through the help of these directories and resources..
    Can you also share some link building and lead generation tools?


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