1. Hi ,
    I have recently published a super natural paranormal thriller based on true events . It is rare and unique .
    I used to live at an address in Camberley Surrey that was build on the site of an old doctors surgery where
    occult black magic and spiritualism was carried out in the late sixties . In 1996 my home erupted into a fireball of
    of paranormal activity which involved a demon , an angelic being black angel from hell , and various other types of bad ghosts . I had my home exorcismed twice by a well known Baptist church minister . My story has had great publicity being publicised in a well know magazine , Take A Break , on front cover and centre double page spread .
    Can anybody contact me to get my story noticed by a good media company . Please feel free to contact me
    Andy Webb

  2. I’m not a writer, but I have this truly live complete and real story that is still happening in the county where I was born and live in today. I’m 73 now and seemingly not able to “make it happen”, I spend my entire days doing stuff for other people instead of myself. I can’t even seem to interest a retired local play director to write my screenplay.
    So, I began doing genealogy research very late in life ( about 10 years ago now) and found out that I was related to a man from England who came to Salisbury, N.C. in 1875 when “gold” just started being “found” in Gold Hill, Rowan County, N.C. His name was EBC Hambley and his mother-in-law was my third cousin, three times removed. (she was born in 1831). The name of my screenplay is “A Rowan Tree”. You have any advice?

  3. Hi,
    It appears that you measure “success” by “dollars”.

    Um, I made my money off my 2 degrees in biosciences and engineering, 2nd in class, Greek honors, inventor of a medical device for oral cancer survivors, and soon a device for those with mobility issues.

    I needed something else in my life so I turned to writing. I have over 230 write since 2014, including 9 novels, 5 documentaries and everything else from flash fiction to novellas. I’ve done challenging writes like 2nd person and a story consisting of 100% characters speaking where ALL lines are quoted. And more.

    My focus turned to children being abused and being sold as slaves in sex trafficking. Considering, my definition of success is by getting the word out and through to the readers to “take action”. It is much more difficult than success by money but I like the challenge.

    I’ve put my shorts “out there” to test the readership and did quite well but people don’t buy reads, they buy the name, the author. If a read gets one “upvote” it suddenly becomes four and so on. People are followers.

    I’m thinking marketing the end 2021 but still have a lot of homework to do. I HATE social media but have to learn how to work it. I’m an oral cancer survivor 2007. I cannot physically speak. I have limited energy thanks to the radiation therapy treatment, treat death with death. I communicate by writing.
    Have had many surgeries since cancer and am scheduled for many more.

    Considering, marketing for me will be a bull of a different color.

    Val Amant


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