Promotion Idea for Authors: Contribute to a Collaborative Book

22 filmmakers collaborated on Paris, je t’aime. Surrealist poets had their Exquisite Corpse games. Now novelists are contributing to crowd-sourced novels.

According to a story from, an Australian newspaper company has published a crowd-sourced novel, with 9 chapters by 10 different authors.

While I wouldn’t recommend dedicating months of your life to a project like this, it could be worth a few days’ of writing. And it’s a great opportunity to network with other authors and cross-promote one another’s work.

How to Create and Promote a Collaborative Book (or crowd-sourced novel)

1) Come up with a concept-

For instance, get 10 writers to each write a short story about the misadventures of journalists who are covering Nixon’s trip to China.

2) Find your community of contributors-

You’ll probably have to approach twice as many people as you need contributions. Some folks won’t have time or interest. Other’s might miss your deadline. Some folks might turn in crappy work.

3) Assemble the book-

Right off the bat, you’ve got 10 people to check for grammar and spelling errors! The final editing should be handled by someone you trust,… or yourself! If you feel like the book needs a kind of concluding chapter to wrap things up nicely, write one after having read everyone else’s stories.

4) Publish an eBook-

Since this collaboration won’t be the main thing you’re promoting, no need to print up a bunch of books and worry about physical distribution. Just sign it up with BookBaby and we’ll convert your document (Word, PDF, etc.) into an eBook readable on all the popular eReaders and distribute it for sale on iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Copia, and more.

5) Cross-promote-

No need to pull out the big guns here. The project is mainly for fun, right?

But you CAN get a good bit of mileage out of the collaboration. With ten different authors promoting this eBook to their fan lists, on their websites/blogs, and on social media, word will spread about your writing and hopefully all the contributors can help each other win some new readers.

Try it out and let us know how it goes. If you’ve already been involved in a project like this, what was the experience like? Feel free to comment in the section below.

-Chris R. at BookBaby

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