1. Thank you so much for this information. I needed to understand exactly what the preorder of my book accomplished.
    I haven’t seen my book in print up as yet, but I have prepared a press release as soon as I see the preorder page at
    Barnes and Noble. I have also decided to run a contest for people to register free for to win entire series of
    The Foundational Faith In Truth Series.
    My book is: The Spirit Of Truth Is Power
    Subtitle: Reviving Faith In Jesus Christ
    Author: Joan Jessalyn Cox

    I wondered exactly why we had the preorder phase, not having read your two Parts about Pre-Sales makes me want to ramp up my advertising with the direct links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

    Besides the press release, I’m considering facebook ads to various Christian groups as well. I will be taking the book to all the surrounding book stores in northwest Arkansas, and in southwest Missouri. Anyone that wants a book signing I will try to deliver. I have hundreds of pages already written, and books of notes I’ve written. It’s a matter of pulling it all together, instead every morning I get up read, research and continue writing. I love writing and teaching people that are anxious to learn.

    Do you have any further advice for me?


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