How to Market Audiobooks as a Self-Published Author

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Audiobooks are widely accessible and growing in popularity, in large part because the audio format allows readers to enjoy a book while performing other activities, like riding a bike, going for a walk, folding laundry, and countless other tasks.

Time is a valued asset. In this rapidly evolving digital age, audiobooks have also shortened the time it takes to complete a book and have opened the floodgates on a new market for book lovers to enjoy stories in a new way.

This is great news for self-published authors because publishing an audiobook increases your opportunities to gain readers who prefer to consume books in this medium, and it is now more affordable than ever to produce (and earn royalties on) an audiobook.

But, of course, once audiobook production is complete, you need to promote and sell your audiobooks to the folks who will want to hear your book! So how do you join the audiobook market as a self-published author?

Your author brand

As an independent author, you have the unique and challenging tasks of building your brand and selling audiobooks. You do this by communicating your unique views and contributions with your books, other writing, and your online presence.

Questions to ask yourself when creating your author brand include:

  • What kind of writer am I?
  • What do I offer that is different from other authors in my genre?
  • How do other authors in my genre present themselves and their books?

Perhaps the most important element of your author brand is your readers. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on yourself and the minute details surrounding your education and childhood story. Focus on finding your target audience and making your readers care about what you write. It is through this marketing strategy that they will understand and become more interested in you, the author.

Conduct market research

To market your audiobook — and all your book formats — effectively, start with market research. Understand how audiobooks are positioned in the book marketplace by identifying competing audiobook titles. Look online and examine the existing audiobooks in your genre. Analyze the presentation, pricing, book marketing, book sales, covers, descriptions, and reviews.

Increase visibility

Once you’re clear on what your author brand is and have analyzed how audiobooks are presented, it’s time to let the world know about your book through your audiobook promotion!

Choosing the right cover

Suppose you are going to publish a book in any format (including creating an audiobook): the cover needs to be outstanding. Your book cover is your most valuable selling point and your first (maybe only) chance to convince a reader to buy your book, which is why it is imperative you work with a professional book designer.

At BookBaby we have a team of design specialists who will create a custom-designed book cover that captures the theme, and the heart, of your book.

Use the right keywords

When you type into any search engine — “beach read” or “global politics,” for example — those terms are called keywords. Keywords associated with your title will help your readers find your book in searches and help them land on your book’s sales page. That’s where your book’s metadata comes in.

It’s crucial that the metadata for your audiobook is optimized so keywords relevant to your story, genre, and book description will lead readers to your audiobook. In short, metadata is all the information about your book related to its discoverability on the Internet. Watch this video on metadata to learn more and ensure that new readers can find your books.

Utilize social media channels

Social media is great for audiobook marketing. By engaging with readers and writers, and through targeted advertising, you can build awareness of your audiobook title.

Create a strong brand on social media

When considering how to create your brand on social media, be authentic and lead with your unique point of view as a writer. Showcase your personality to your future readers (and listeners). Communicate to your readers why you write and why you love the written word.

And since audiobooks are an audio medium, develop a content strategy that incorporates your audiobook content and story. Create video content that contains audio clips from your audiobook. Film videos that show a “behind-the-scenes look” of you selecting a narrator — if you self-publish an audiobook with BookBaby you have over 60 AI narrator voices to choose from.

Engage with followers

Don’t focus on your total number of followers as your end goal. To genuinely grow a community, seek your target audience, engage with the followers you have, and follow other authors and leaders in the book communities and online forums that relate to your book topic. Comment and communicate. Your commitment to promoting involvement and interaction will foster a commitment back.

Advertising your audiobook

Free guide offer for Promote Then PublishBuild your audiobook platform and post across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When your title is launching, share organic posts with your audiobook content, and consider running ads on Facebook and Instagram that highlight your audiobook.

BookBaby’s ads for authors program can help you create a campaign on social media channels as well as on relevant websites that can target the type of reader who might be most interested in your title.

Analyze data to improve performance

When running ad campaigns, it can be challenging to know what parts of your ad are working and what needs adjustments. The good news is, digital advertising allows you to track all sorts of data so you can make informed decisions regarding which ads and copy are having the most impact and how to improve your campaign in real-time.

Monitor and analyze your marketing efforts

Every ad you create needs three elements:

  • A hook. Showcase the uniqueness of your audiobook and what your book has to offer your reader.
  • Visually appealing design. A clean visual ad aesthetic that complements your audiobook’s cover.
  • Call to action. Make the action you want your reader to take clear, e.g., ask your readers to pre-order your audiobook before its official release date.

Identify the most effective strategies and optimize them

Once you’ve run an ad, you can analyze its reach, engagement, and click rate to help improve performance going forward.

  • Reach. Through targeted paid advertising, encouraging your supporters to repost and boost your posts, and working to grow your followers, you can expand your reach and get your ads, book’s sale page, and author website in front of a growing audience.
  • Engagement. If people are engaged with you, online and off, they’ll be more invested in your book and in you as an author and more likely to serve as evangelists for your title and writing career.
  • Clicks. The more clicks, the more people saw your ad, liked what they saw, and took action to learn more. Determine which ads and what language inspired more people to click, and make sure you make your landing page as enticing and informative as possible — with a strong call to action — and try to convert those clicks to sales.

Ready to self-publish an audiobook?

Ready to use BookBaby to publish your audiobook, printed book, or eBook? Call a publishing specialist today at 1-877-961-6878 or visit us at We can’t wait to help you get published.

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