1. Having participated in a number of giveaway programs, I would like to make a suggestion to readers who have benefited from these programs. Consider that it can take an author a year or more to write a book. It is a real commitment to bring to life his or her story and see it through the publishing process.

    If you have been given the gift of a free copy, and particularly if the book has uplifted you with its message, take a moment to say so. You don’t have to write an extensive review. A few words will do. “I loved it,” tells its own story.

    Artists will create regardless, but it can be so satisfying to hear from readers who acknowledge that a book (or any work of art) has made a difference in their lives.

  2. Not sure if this has helped (I don’t look at my reviews! lol) but in each book I sell or give out I place a small note thanking the reader for reading it and telling how important reviews are to authors, plus my email and my website addresses. I also belong to a large authors’ group and asked if anyone would be willing to read my latest novella and post a review. I got three 5 STAR REVIEWS from that. Or so I’m told. I still haven’t read them.


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