Promotion Idea for Authors: Contribute to a Collaborative Book

22 filmmakers collaborated on Paris, je t'aime. Surrealist poets had their Exquisite Corpse games. Now novelists are contributing to crowd-sourced novels. According to a story from, an Australian newspaper company has published a crowd-sourced novel,...
eBook single

How to Write an eBook Single Nonfiction Best-Seller

If you’re a journalist or an author who enjoys writing nonfiction stories, the eBook single represents a new revenue stream for you. In some cases, authors can net more than $100,000* for a 60-page effort.

Writers and readers, you are not alone [Infographic]

Writers can find inspiration, tips, and tricks just about anywhere. The internet is filled with blogs that offer unique insight into the writing process. But maybe you don’t need to sift through all those well-meaning mentors. Maybe you only need to make a trip to the library. Take a look at what some of your fellow book lovers are reading. Do you feel a kinship with any of them? If so, it is time you followed their lead. Read a book and improve your writing; you’ll be glad you did!

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Rejection Letters

How writers can turn "kiss off" into "keep on going!"

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member," said Groucho Marx (though the exact quote seems to differ depending on the source). Well Groucho would've had an easy time as an aspiring writer-- relishing each new rejection letter as further validation of his outsider status. The rest of us probably aren't so contrary (or ironic) about rejection; it hurts, no matter how much we tell ourselves to not take it personally. Whether you get sad, stoic, defiant, or irate following a "thanks, but no thanks" missive-- the most important thing is to keep submitting, keep writing, and keep crossing your fingers!
great villain

What Makes A Great Villain?

A great villain can engage an audience, energize a book, and provide a satisfying source of conflict — but the devil is definitely in the details.
literal and figurative language

Literal And Figurative Language In Your Writing

The balance of literal and figurative language in a book can dramatically influence a reader’s experience. What does the literal/figurative language map look like in yours?
story world

Use Expressive Words To Build Your Story World

The marriage of story with detailed, expressive language will help you build a story world that is the heart of great writing.


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