How To Write

A collection of our most popular BookBaby articles on how to write for both the pro and the novice author.

Live Like Your Favorite Author (at your own peril)

Teachers tell their students all the time: "Emulate the writers you admire." This advice is usually given as encouragement to try on different tonal and stylistic hats. But if you're feeling particularly brazen or self-destructive,...

MFA Programs: Good or Bad for Fiction? recently posted an article about the perennial debate concerning the value of MFA programs. (Click HERE to read the full story.) Mark McGurl claims the creative writing programs have resulted in "a system-wide rise...

The Guardian’s 10 Rules for Fiction Writers

Only 10 rules? That should be easy to follow. I'll have a masterpiece written by the end of the month! Or not. The fascinating problem here is that every writer has different rules. Creative writing is a process of discovery and you're going to need to stumble upon your own rules as you go. Then, chances are, you'll want to break those rules as soon as they're solidified.

3 Cures for Writer’s Block: Risk, Risk, Risk!

Put Yourself in Danger. You were taught to look both ways before you cross the street, to check the temperature before touching the oven. Since pre-school, you've heard the "Safety First" mantra repeated ad nauseum....


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