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A collection of insightful BookBaby Blog posts that explore the craft of writing, the habits of successful writers, and myriad topics that will instruct and inspire seasoned and new writers alike.

The 12-Step Cure for Writer’s Block, Pt. 4: Question Your Intentions

W.H. Auden was asked what advice he would give to a young poet. He said he would ask the poet why he wanted to write poetry. If the aspiring poet said, “Because I have...

The 12-Step Cure for Writer’s Block, Pt. 3: Expect Rejection!

Remember, rejection letters are made of paper. It's easy to get discouraged and lose steam. It's easy to let the opinions of other people dampen your creative spirit, your confidence, and your work ethic; but...

The 12-Step Cure for Writer’s Block, Pt. 2: Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Writers

While you should be reading other peoples’ work all the time, it hardly does any good to bemoan the fact that you do not posses the same kind of talent that, say, Nabokov or...

What Are Literary Agents Looking for In Your Manuscript?

What do agents look for in a book? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, they're looking for a lot of the same things as publishers; after all, that agent is going to have to convince a publisher's...

5 Secrets of Successful Authors: A Guide for Self-Publishing, Pt. 1

BookBaby has just made available (for FREE!) the first in an ongoing series of PDF guides that give you the inside secrets from indie authors who have made it big! In part 1, learn about how...

Writing Advice: World-Building for Every Genre

How to create a world your readers will want to inhabit (The follow article is an excerpted chapter from CJ Lyons' NO RULES, JUST WRITE: Crafting the Character Driven Novel, copyright 2011. Thanks to CJ...

Why Some Authors Should Use a Pseudonym or Pen Name

I've always wondered why authors (particularly genre writers) use pen names, and whether it's better to use a pseudonym or pen name, or if you should write under your real name. I asked all four "writers" (e.g., Jennifer) why she write under different pen names.

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