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Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Once your voice as a writer is real and audible, people’s attitude to your writing will change. Finding your voice means you are writing something no one else could write.
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How to Write a Good Story (6 Tips for Aspiring Authors)

Gain insight on how to write a good story that captivates your audience by developing your characters, plot, and dialogue.
steps to your goal — bullseye

Your Book Publishing Goals: Year in Review

Taking the time to review your past increases your self-awareness and provides insights to improve, which you can apply to your book publishing goals.
beta reader giving writing feedback in person

How to Get Good Writing Feedback from Beta Readers

Be mindful about why you’re asking for writing feedback, what you want to know, how the feedback will be shared, and at what point in your process you ask for it.
is she the main character or the protagonist?

What’s the Difference Between the Main Character and Protagonist?

Your main character and protagonist may not always be the same person. We address the differences and how to develop interesting characters.
animation of young woman finding writing inspiration with ideas floating out of her head

Finding Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration can come from a combination of sources. Make a habit of being open those that personally inspire you.
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How to Write a Novel in 10 Steps

How do you turn your writing dreams into a published reality? Here's a step-by-step guide to write a novel and prepare for publishing.

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