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Plot-Driven vs. Character-Driven Stories

Knowing the difference between plot-driven vs. character-driven stories can help you become more effective as a writer.
writer self-editing a first draft

A Writers’ Guide to Self-editing Fiction

The sense of completion and elation when you finish the first draft of your story is often followed by a sense of uncertainty. Establish a systematic self-editing process and be confident your story is ready to share.
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What is a Character Flaw?

Want to craft the perfect character? Give them a flaw. A character flaw make a character more believable, dimensional, and can add tension to how a story unfolds.
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What is a Character Arc?

Creating powerful character arcs is part of good storytelling. We address how to craft compelling moral ascents, descents, and flat arcs so your characters resonate with your readers.
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Protagonist vs. Antagonist: A Guide to Writing Characters

The conflict between your protagonist vs. antagonist may be the central focus of your story, so it's worth determining their deeper roles in your narrative before you set out to write your tale.
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A Character Death: Ideas to Further Your Plot

The death of a character should be a pivotal moment in your story with implications for your main characters and others. These character death ideas can help you make this a moment worthy of your story.
stylized image of author with book, lightbulb and letters coming out of his head

How to Write a Book Title That Gets Attention

One way to attract more readers is to write a book title that grabs their attention. We've got ideas and examples to help you do just that.

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