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10 Tips For Creating Your First Children’s Picture Book

While children's picture books may seem simple, creating a brilliant one is no easy task. How do you make yours smart, engaging, and fun — rather than clichéd, saccharine, and didactic?

Janet Fitch’s 10 Tips That Can Help Any Writer

Janet Fitch is the author of White Oleander (picked for Oprah's Book Club) and Paint It Black. Janet has kindly given us permission to repost her famous 10 Writing Tips article which originally appeared on her blog.

Read on for some great advice!

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 26th) is Poem in Your Pocket Day! A simple concept, the day invites people to: 1. Pick a poem you love 2. Carry it with you in your pocket 3. Share it with co-workers, family, and friends! Poem-in-pocket-participants are also encouraged to share their poems on Twitter using the hashtag #pocketpoem. For more information on the event and to watch a video about the day, click here.

What Are You Doing for National Poetry Month?

April may be "the cruelest month," but it's also National Poetry Month (contrary to the Poetry Foundation's April Fool's announcement that National Poetry Month has been cancelled)! Every April since 1996-- poets, readers, teachers, critics, and publishers have used National Poetry Month as a time to rally the troops and get people interested in the world's oldest literary art form.

Story Arc 101: The 3-Act Hero’s Journey

Whether novels, campfire tales, or film – from Aristotle right on through to Star Wars – most stories follow the story arc of the three-Act hero's journey.

Finishing Your Novel: how to know when you’re done writing your book

How do you know when you're done writing your book?

Chances are your book is NOT done, and never will be; it's the same way a parent still sees a grown child as a work in progress. You're always going to want to go back and fix something, some new idea that caught you in the middle of the night, long after the work was published or forgotten.

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Long live the Dewey Decimal System! Twisted Sifter has posted some stunning photos of the 15 most beautiful libraries in the world. Check out the article and the pictures HERE.      


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