The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Long live the Dewey Decimal System! Twisted Sifter has posted some stunning photos of the 15 most beautiful libraries in the world. Check out the article and the pictures HERE.      
What are Publishers Looking for

What Are Publishers Looking For In Your Manuscript?

What do publishers look for in a book? Let's assume you're good, great even! Plenty of famous writers lived for years at a time on a steady diet of rejection letters. So what are publishers...

This Week, Read a Banned Book

It's Banned Books Week! (National Council of Teachers of English-approved.) From September 24 through October 1st, support our right to read by diving into a banned book: Brave New World, Ulysses, The Absolutely True...

Use eBook Retailers’ Affiliate Programs: Get Money Back When You Sell a Book

Affiliate programs incentivize customers of a particular company to spread the word about that company. If you're an affiliate partner of ACME Books, you place links from your own website TO Acme Books' site....

Why Some Authors Should Use a Pseudonym or Pen Name

I've always wondered why authors (particularly genre writers) use pen names, and whether it's better to use a pseudonym or pen name, or if you should write under your real name. I asked all four "writers" (e.g., Jennifer) why she write under different pen names.

The Guardian’s 10 Rules for Fiction Writers

Only 10 rules? That should be easy to follow. I'll have a masterpiece written by the end of the month! Or not. The fascinating problem here is that every writer has different rules. Creative writing is a process of discovery and you're going to need to stumble upon your own rules as you go. Then, chances are, you'll want to break those rules as soon as they're solidified.


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