Mind Mapping Can Help Organize Your Writing Process

Mind mapping is a technique for outlining information in diagrams using written text as well as lines, symbols, keywords, colors, and images.
enemy of the writer

The Number One Enemy Of The Writer

Unclear thinking is most often about being lazy and not fully imagining your story. Write with clarity of purpose, and your writing comes alive.
writing process

The Writing Process: Time Management Tips

I break the writing process into two parts. Part one includes planning, organizing, outlining, researching, reading, and taking copious notes. The second (and most important) part is writing.

How to know when you’re done writing your novel

When you finish writing the first draft of your manuscript, there's a good chance that your novel is NOT done. In fact, if you expect your novel to be a work of permanent perfection, it probably never will be "done." Sure, you could just wait ten years to publish your novel, but who's to say that after twenty years you won't have the same "how could I have missed it" experience? There comes a time when "good enough" is good enough. So how do you know when you've reached that point?
phone conversations

Writing Phone Conversations to Forward Your Plot and Draw Your Characters

When writing phone conversations, does your one-sided dialogue give insight into the character of one or both participants or the relationship between them? Is the conversation moving the plot forward?
seven writing tips

Seven Writing Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Whether taking the NaNoWriMo challenge or not, we can all use pointers and reminders when it comes to increasing productivity at the keyboard. These seven writing tips can set on your way to make a plan, and stick to it!
social media for authors

Social Media For Authors

Over the years, we've posted numerous articles with tips and tricks to help authors navigate and optimize their promotional and professional exploits on different social media platforms. Here's a tour of some of our best posts when it comes to social media for authors.


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