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heal yourself

You Can Heal Yourself — And Others — Through Writing

Many things can deter us from telling our story, and so often, the driving force is fear. But you’re the only one who has your story — you’re the only one who can write it. You can be a messenger of hope and help, and what if writing your book actually helps you heal yourself?
tell a story

Your Nonfiction Book Should Tell A Story

You have a story to tell, and people are ready to hear it, but whether or not they will relate to it depends on how well you tell it. In fact, how you tell your story is just as important as the story itself.
supercharge your writing

Find A Morning Routine to Supercharge Your Writing

All successful people have routines. Some take it to extremes (Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit every day). What routine can you develop to supercharge your writing?
help writers stay focused

10 tips to help writers stay focused

There's no getting around the fact that as a writer you must produce your craft either on paper or on a digital device of some kind. Even if you subscribe to voice recognition software where your dictation becomes your written work, there is time and commitment involved in creating all forms of writing. How, then, does the serious writer stay on task?
writer's apathy

How To Write When You’re Not In The Mood – 7 Remedies For Writer’s...

It can happen to anyone, even the best writers in the world. It's those times when you know you should be writing your book or your blog, but you just can't get yourself motivated. You just don’t feel like it. Cleaning the toilet or mowing the lawn seem like more attractive uses of your time. First thing: don't panic. Writer's apathy is completely normal. You’re not alone and you’re in very successful company. But you don’t want this to carry on forever, otherwise, nothing ever gets written, does it?
Write With Purpose

On-purpose Writing

Write with purpose in mind. Edit with purpose in mind. Polish with purpose in mind. Use it as your criterion for chopping (or lack of it) and gauge your satisfaction against it. When 100% of your words are charged with meaning, your book is done.
need a blog

I’m An Author… Do I Need A Blog?

Some say authors should blog for the simple reason that it helps you write more consistently. Blogs build connections and experience. They also take time away from your other activities — like writing your next book. So... do you need a blog?


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