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How to Edit Your Own Book: Tips from Authors on the Revision Process

The most helpful bit of editing advice I ever got was from poet Michele Glazer. She said, "revision IS writing." In other words, there's no difference between the "writing" process and the editing process. You don't just write a draft, make some changes, correct the spelling, and call it good. As a writer, you need to be open to new ideas that may occur during the revision process, and be brave enough to follow them  — thus, leading you back into a writing mode. See? Revision IS writing, so it's best to just accept that fact upfront.
writing workshop

How to Revise Your Novel through a Read Aloud and Critique Workshop

There are many types of workshops, but none are quite as useful at honing a novelist's natural voice as a read aloud and critique workshop.
Your book needs editing

Your Book Needs Editing, and Here’s Why…

Your manuscript isn't perfect, but don't feel ashamed. Every writer needs an editor. Here are 3 reasons why your book will benefit from professional editing.


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