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A collection of our most popular BookBaby articles on how to write for both the pro and the novice author.

writer's conference

Pitching Your Book to an Agent at a Writer’s Conference

How to pitch your book at 90mph: advice for authors meeting face-to-face with agents at a writer's conference.
start writing

Make A Plan To Start Writing Your Book

If you don’t know how to write a book, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. After making a decision — a commitment to share your story — you just need a process and a plan to start writing your book.
writing about controversial topics

Writing About Controversial Topics

Whether it's politics or religion, economic issues or social ones, writing about controversial topics can be challenging — but often very important — work. These tips can help you stay focused and persuasive.
conducting interviews

Conducting Interviews For Research: Identifying And Contacting Expert Sources

Accuracy and detail can bring your writing to life, whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, and sometimes the best way to gain knowledge is to seek a source who's an expert in the field. These tips can help you find and contact the right people to interview.
rhythm in writing

Find The Rhythm In Writing

Rhythm in writing is a bit harder to define than other elements of the writing craft, but the cadence of your story can go a long way toward pulling your readers in and making the experience enjoyable. Here are some tips to help you find your groove.

Top 5 Tips to Starting a Writers’ Group

Running your own informal writing workshop can be a difficult but rewarding experience. It ain't easy to get a group of people together who are promising writers AND critical readers, who are honest but...
writing a book

Five Books Every Entrepreneur Writing A Book Should Read

As venture capitalist James Altucher says, “... having a book is the new business card.” In addition to displaying your expertise in a given field, publishing a book can bring you personal and business credibility.


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