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Male character's eyes from a graphic novel

How to Publish a Graphic Novel

Nearly finished with your graphic novel? Learn how to format and publish a graphic novel with BookBaby.
Self-published author enjoying success

Can a Self-Published Book Be Successful?

Learn from successful self-published authors and discover the resources that can help you achieve success with your own book.
Graphic image of various writers self-publishing their book

Can You Self-Publish a Book on Multiple Sites?

Are you considering publishing your book on multiple platforms? Discover the pros and cons before you make the decision.
Author calculating the worth between traditional vs. self-publishing

Is Self-Publishing Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why!

Self-publishing your book opens many opportunities to work at your own pace and keep the rights to your story. But is self-publishing worth it? Yes, it is!
Dollars placed inside a book

How Much Do Self-Published Authors Make?

Self-publishing can increase your earning potential compared to traditional book deals. Learn how much authors make by self-publishing.
girls lying in grass reading poetry

How to Publish a Poetry Book

Wondering how to publish a poetry book? Read on to learn key considerations when assembling your collection and materials.
girl at her computer researching how to get a book published for the first time

How to Get a Book Published for the First Time

Have you been dreaming of getting a book published? Make a plan to get your book published with this step-by-step guide.

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